We are pleased to announce that 9ELECTRIC will be supporting LACUNA COIL on two legs of their upcoming U.S. tour!

Sat/May 07 – San Francisco CA – Social Hall *
Sun/May 08 – Los Angeles CA – The Roxy
Mon/May 09 – Phoenix AZ – The Marquee
Tue/May 10 – El Paso TX – Tricky Falls
Thu/May 12 – Dallas TX – Trees
Tues/May 17 – St. Louis MO – Fubar **
Wed/May 18 – Madison WI – Majestic Theatre *
Thurs/May 19 – Indianapolis IN – 5th Quarter Lounge **
Fri/May 20 – Traverse City, MI – Ground Zero *
Sat/May 21 – Flint MI – The Machine Shop
Mon/May 23 – Baltimore MD – Rams Head Live *
Fri/May 27 – Poughkeepsie NY – The Chance *
Sat/May 28 – Lancaster PA – Chameleon *
*No Butcher Babies
**No Lacuna Coil

Tues/May 31 – Chicago IL – Bottom Lounge
Wed/June 01 – Minneapolis MN – Mill City Nights
Fri/June 03 – Lawrence KS – Granada Theater
Sat/June 04 – Denver CO – Cervantes
Mon/June 06 – Columbia MO – Blue Note
Tues/June 07 – Nashville TN – Exit / In
Thurs/June 09 – New York NY – Gramercy
Fri/June 10 – Norfolk VA – The Norva
Sat/June 11 – Raleigh NC – Lincoln Theater
Sun/June 12 – Atlanta GA – The Masquerade







9ELECTRIC is putting the finishing touches on our debut album with Kane Churko at The Hideout Recording Studios. The album will be released later this year on Another Century Records and promises to be a high energy, electronic rock masterpiece!

Track list coming soon!


RON & KANE - Voc Booth


9ELECTRIC will be on tour with MUSHROOMHEAD and UNSAID FATE from Nov. 27, 2015 to Dec 23, 2015!

Tickets are on sale through the venues. See dates and venues below….





11/27 Kent, OH – The Outpost
11/28 Erie, PA – Sherlocks
11/29 Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
12/01 St. Louis, MO – Fubar
12/02 Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose Tap House
12/03 Lincoln, NE – Vega
12/04 Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
12/05 Salt Lake City, UT – The Royal
12/06 Idaho Falls, ID – The Falls Venue
12/07 Jerome, ID – Diamondz
12/08 Seattle, WA – Studio Seven
12/09 Vancouver, BC – Venue
12/10 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater
12/11 Oakland, CA – Grand Live @ Venue Oakland
12/13 Las Vegas, NV – LVCS
12/14 Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go-Go
12/15 Phoenix, AZ – Joe’s Grotto
12/16 Grand Junction, CO – Travelodge Ballroom
12/17 Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
12/18 Albuquerque, NM – The Co-Op
12/19 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
12/21 Ft. Wayne, IN – The Rusty Spur
12/23 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop



9ELECTRIC begin our tour with our friends and label-mates, GEMINI SYNDROME tonight in Sanford, FL!!

Get there early for EXOTYPE!!

9/24 – Sanford, FL – West End Live
9/25 – Ft. Lauderdale – Culture Room
9/27 – St. Petersburg – State Theater
9/29 – New Orleans, LA – Southport Music Hall
9/30 – Monroe, LA – Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom
10/1 – Jackson, TN – The Empourium
10/2 – Memphis, TN – Hard Rock Cafe
10/4 – St. Louis, MO – The Ready Room
10/6 – Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
10/7 – Oklahoma City, OK – Thunder Alley
10/9 – Scottsdale, AZ – Pub Rock Live

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Orgy & 9ELECTRIC Take Over Fitzgeralds In Texas

April 16, 2015
Fitzgeralds- San Antonio, TX

Pulling up to the venue in San Antonio, we knew we were in the right place by the tour buses parked outside with trailers attached carrying the instruments & merch for the band members. The doors opened to Fitzgeralds directly after sound-check had finished. The few fans that were in line at the time were more than eager to see their favorite bands perform for them in an up-close & personal environment. Fitzgeralnds, sits in a Shopping Strip-Mall between a tattoo shop and a Church. Upon entering the venue one cannot help but notice the beautiful, classy gothic interior. The stage was set off to the back left of the venue near one of the three exits. Dawned in an alluring; 15 foot tall theater curtains that covered the back & side walls of the 3 foot tall stage. The crowd in attendance was pumped up by a local act Kazuma, whom performed a pretty impressive set; that ended with their rendition of Falco’s 1985 hit single Rock Me Amadeus.
   JHW_6245  After a brief set change, 9ELECTRIC went on stage early due to the band Death Valley High being sick… 9ELECTRIC opened up their set withUnder Attack. Under Attack, starts off with an eerie synth with some filtered drumming before punching you in the face with precise guitaring from Lopez. Vocals from 9ELECTRIC’s Thunderwood, were very intriguing as they resembled influences from Wayne Static & KoЯn’s Jonathan Davis. Instantly the crowd (myself included) was hooked. People started coming closer to the stage as more people began to crowd around it… The audience started throwing up horns and rocking out right along with the band.
9ELECTRIC continued their set with Ticking Time Bomb, totally blowing the crowd away with this amazing performance of an amazing song. Every head in the venue was bobbing along with the drum & bass guitar beats. Their night continued without a hitch, cranking out hit after hit after hit. The well received crowd was treated to Take; Control; More More; The Damaged Ones; Goodbye; Filthy & Feel This before kicking the crowds face in with Destroy As You Go which originally featured vocals from the late Wayne Static. Thunderwood explained before the song played that he knew Wayne was smiling down on the crowd this night and that he would be performing Statics part. Thunderwood took off into the crowd during this amazing song for some close, personal; crowd interaction. Singing along with the members of the audience as he slowly made his way throughout the crowd.
9ELECTRIC, ended their set with a phenomenal cover of AC/DC’s 1976 hit Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap), to which the crowd went nuts, singing along with Thunderwood verbatim as the band rocked the crowd to their very core. The audience cheered as the band left the stage and out the exit on stage right. No one left their spot as the stage was dismantled in fear of losing their spot. Photojournalist Jared Wingate could be seen making his way to the front of the stage as he always does to do his job for Soundcheck411.
Not much time passed before Los Angeles natives Orgy, took the stage to perform a set-list of nothing but hits… Jay Gordon was the last to enter the stage from stage right. The crowd went wild with pure excitement while he flipped his mic into the air, catching it on its way down.
The band opened up with Talk Sick, the title track off their new EP. The song opens up with a creepy synth track playing in the background, Jay Gorden yelled to the crowd “Make Some Fucking Noise San Antonio!” and all the lights went out and the music stopped for a couple seconds. Then out of nowhere everything picked back up again but harder than before as each member of the band began performing the amazing track. After the first song finished the crowd cheered. Audience members began shouting out song names to the band. Jay Gordon was surprised by one audience member’s request and answered back “How do you know that song?” Following Talk Sick, the band played Dissention; the third track off the bands 1998 debut hit album Candyass. The crowd in attendance went crazy with the opening riffs as their heads began banging to the crispity, crunchity beat as Gordon made his way from stage left to stage right. Following Dissention, the band played Fetisha; the 5th track off their debut album. Jay Gordon began singing the words “Day glow all of you; Made for those Little Sick Ones, Played out in Super Drag; Mistreat Another Piece Of You” again driving the crowd wild coupled with the bands uniquely styled music that is immediately recognizable as Orgy…JHW_6383
Directly after Fetisha, Orgy played Option; the 4thtrack off their second album Vapor Transmission. The crowd went wild and became even more engaged than before. The women in the crowd began swaying to the very familiar opening drumbeat performed by Orgy’s Bobby Amaro. The audience sung along with Jay Gordon as he would pace the stage flipping his mic between verses; bending down eye level with a few of the attendees as the lyrics poured from Gordons lips like lyrical honey.
This fascinating night rolled right along with each prodigious hit, drawing closer & closer to an end of the night no one wanted to happen. Unbelievable & completely unparalleled hits such as Comeback; (the 4th track on the new EP) Fiction (Dreams In Digital); Suckerface; & Wide Awake and Dead. Wide Awake and Dead is the first single on the 2 part EP. The song begins with some heavy synths alongside some in-time, filtered drumming; both by Orgy’s Bobby Amaro. And syncopated guitars and bass by Bost, Emerick & Speck complete the preternatural hit.
Pushing the night further the band continued on with Revival; and giving the crowd exactly what they wanted and more with their hit Stitches the 2nd single of their debut hit album Candyass. Jay Gordon, climbed off the stage via the concert stacks that sat on the floor and made his way through the crowd as he sings the lyrics to the hit single. Holding the mic from one fan to the next so that they can have a chance to sing the amazing song right along with him before he made it back on stage right before the song ended.
Orgy ended the night with Blue Monday, the 1st single off their debut album. The crowd cheered louder than before as Orgy rocked the New Order cover harder than I’ve ever seen, and sounding as fresh as it did the very first time this photojournalist heard the amazing track sung by Jay Gordon.
The Sick Talk tour has few stops left on this amazing tour. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to see these 3 phenomenal bands!
Thursday, April 23rd – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Roya

Saturday, April 25th – Spokane, WA @ The Palomino

Sunday, April 26th – Lewiston, ID @ 3rd Wheel

Tuesday, April 28th – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

Thursday, April 30th – Portland, OR @ Bossanova

with a 25th set to be performed at Revolution Fest in Guadalajara, Mexico on May 30th

It is my opinion this tour is a 10 outta 10.

Review by: Jared Wingate 


Link for review on Soundcheck 411 site:


Orgy brought a night of hard hitting “death pop” to the Expo Five second stage with 9Electric, Death Valley High, Hello Agony, Empyrean Asunder, and Rayon Prime.

From the very first chords of their opening song “Under Attack,” it was evident the9Electric show was going to be great. The Hollywood, California-based group delivered their blend of hard edge rock with strong electronic influences, in a powerful set that included songs “Control” and “Filthy.” They finished off their evening with a cover of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)” while lead singer Thunderwood was hanging from the Rafters.

9Electric’s sound was tight and hard-hitting. Their stage presence was impressive and dynamic, and their high energy performance was off the charts setting a perfect stage for headlining Orgy. If you have an opportunity don’t miss a local 9Electric show, they are destined to be headlining venues in the very near future. 9Electric is Ron “Thunderwood” (vocals), Mikey Lopez (guitar), CaseyDC (bass), and Micah Electric (drums/programming).

San Francisco-based Death Valley High kicked the evening’s performances into high gear. After overcoming some technical issues, DVH performed their set of gnashing hard rock and death pop that got the growing crowd moving. Their songs were filled with solid riffs and infectious hooks, which were very well received. Unfortunately, due to timing and technical issues, DVH’s set was abruptly cut short. This was a shame as both the band and crowd were clearly wanting more.

The supporting line-up also included local Louisville talent, Hello Agony. A broken guitar string didn’t stop them from delivering a solid hard rock/rap set. Female fronted anti-industrial rock band, Empyrean Asunder, performed a visually and musically strong set. Unfortunately, just as they were getting warmed up, their set time was over. We will be looking for another chance to see them locally. Starting the entire show off was Rayon Prime and his aggressive dubstep and progressive electro music. It was a great evening of rock/metal in Louisville.

Headliners, Orgy, performed an energetic set for a small, but dedicated and enthusiastic crowd. The band started their set with “Talk Sick” and “Dissention” and “Fetisha” from their album, Candyass. This had their faithful followers engaged early on. With Orgy at full throttle pouring out music and energy, they blew out the main stage breaker dropping the stage into darkness and their instruments silent.

Lead Singer Jay Gordon’s comments really summed the whole thing up; “You guys are really killing my momentum.” Orgy was able to quickly regroup and rolled right into favorites “Stitches” and “Suckerface,” before finishing with “Blue Monday.” While Jay was in the crowd singing “Blue Monday,” members of Death Valley High and 9Electric jumped on stage to finish out the evening’s final song. It should be noted that drummer, Bobby Amaro, was running a 102 degree temperature all evening but never missed a beat. Orgy is Jay Gordon (vocals), Carlton Bost and Creighton Emrick (guitars), Nic Speck (bass), and Bobby Amaro (drums).



Link for the review on NRR’s site:



Rock Revolt reviewed THE SICK TALK TOUR with ORGY, 9ELECTRIC & DEATH VALLEY HIGH when we hit Winchester, VA April 4, 2015.

The Sick Talk Tour, consisting of Orgy, 9Electric and Death Valley High, rode into Winchester, Virginia for an Easter Eve show on April 4, 2015 for a show at the smoke filled Blue Fox Billiards Bar and Grill. I’m not a smoker myself, so to have to wade through a sea of smoke to get up front to the stage at a venue is not one of my favorite things to do. Yet, time and time again, I find myself doing it just to get as close to the band as possible and tonight’s show was not going to be an exception. You see, the guys from 9Electric don’t make it over to the East coast very often. I kick myself for missing them last year when they came through Virginia withPowerman 5000 and I wasn’t going to let that happen again.

The guys hit the stage of the small venue to the opening chords of “Under Attack” and it didn’t take long for me and everyone else there to notice that this was going to be pretty intense. Their second song “Time Bomb” was an appropriate one because when it began, it was as if one went off in the venue. You could see the people starting to migrate from the bar in the back up to the floor in front of the stage. It was if 9Electric was the mythical Pied Piper, but instead of using a pipe to enchant the crowd, these guys were using a blistering mix of rock and electronic influences to put those people under their spell. Added to those enchanting mix of styles was a light and laser show that turned that small club into a craze filled rave of sorts.

“Goodbye”, described by lead singer Ron Underwood, a/k/a Thunderwood, as a song about killing your ex, got a huge reaction from the crowd. At first I thought it might have been because so many people there had exs, but the crowd seemed to know all the words to the song as well. Who knows, maybe they sing it while fantasizing about killing their ex? The set ended with a bad-ass cover of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds”, which saw Thunderwood and lead guitarist Mikey Lopez venturing out into the audience yet again. I’ve been to some shows where band members just stand on stage looking at their shoelaces as they sang and performed, but not these guys. I bet they did not stand still for a solid minute during their set.

Thunderwood, not only has a killer live voice, but he has a great wrestling voice that would be awesome to use in promos. This guy is a master at engaging the crowd and making them a part of the show. He even ventured out into the audience several times and sang with anyone who didn’t run away from him. Lopez was equally impressive with the blistering guitar work that he was laying down all while continuously running around the stage and jumping off of stuff like those two hyper jacked up on Mountain Dew kids from Talladega Nights. I should also add that the rhythm section of Micah Electric on drums and CaseyDC on bass countered Lopez and Underwoods’ all over the map antics with a performance that was a bit subdued in comparison, but damn solid in musicianship.

After the show was over, I was hot, sweaty and exhausted; it was like having sex with my clothes on. I think quite a few bands, not just new ones but even those who have been around for a few years could learn a few things from these guys. You want to talk about a band that leaves it all laying on the stage when they’re done? This show was high energy from start to finish and I don’t see how these guys do it. They definitely laid down the gauntlet when it comes to being an opener and setting the tone for the night. If you’re a headliner out there, don’t take these guys lightly or they will end up stealing the show from you.



Link for review on Rock Revolt site:



Cryptic Rock reviewed THE SICK TALK TOUR with ORGY, 9ELECTRIC & DEATH VALLEY HIGH when we hit Amityville, NY April 3, 2015.

As direct support for the night, Los Angeles, CA’s 9Electric are no strangers to the Long Island Hard Rock/Industrial scene. Having previously played the same venue just last year supporting Powerman 5000, and having been to NYC in the past supporting Wayne Static and Spineshank, the band has cut their teeth and carved a nice niche throughout the tri-state area. Fronted by Ron Underwood “Thunderwood,” previously of Opiate for the Masses, the band also features Mikey Lopez on guitar, Casey DC on bass, and Micah Electric on drums. Having recently inked a deal with Another Century Records and released a new EP,Control, the band was ready to bring a new show with different songs to their Long Island cohort. Instantly getting things moving with Underwood and company moving the crowd to Electric’s bombastic beats and grooves, “Time Bomb” was an instant hit, having the floor moving up and down to the pulsing chorus. Moving forward, 9Electric played through some more newer tunes off their recent EP including “Goodbye” and “Feel This.” Underwood stole the show by swinging himself upside down from the rafters on their final number, all while encouraging crowd support. The ladies of the night were definitely smitten with the number “Dirty Girl,” and everyone became a fan with the crew’s last number, a cover of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap).” It was interesting to hear an Industrial spin on an Classic Rock tune, and the band pulled it off effortlessly before shuffling into the crowd for meet-and-greets the rest of the night.



Link for the review on the Cryptic Rock site:



Muen Magazine reviewed THE SICK TALK TOUR with ORGY, 9ELECTRIC & DEATH VALLEY HIGH when we hit Waterloo, IA March 28, 2015.

9Electric took over the night at Spicoli’s Grill.  They have played at this venue on several occasions, previously providing direct support for Powerman 5000 on this stage.  There were familiar faces during their set and they brought the energy and 9Electric’s frontman Thunderwood did an amazing job in engaging the audience into creating the atmosphere into a New Year’s Eve party type of atmosphere.  They played cuts off of their latest EP entitled “Control”.  Some of the 9Electric fans were singing along with glee with their single entitled “Goodbye”, in which Thunderwood gleefully described as a song about “killing your ex”.  I see this band doing very well for themselves into the future.  They had the lights, the stage presence, and they further engaged the audience into taking a massive group selfie.  Brilliant guitar work displayed by Mikey Lopez(in which you can check out my interview with him in the “Interviews” section right here on MUEN Magazine), and the rhythm section brought out a feel good New Wave, if Billy Idol took steroids, type of vibe to their sound.  Fans are anxious for them to come back to Spicoli’s Grill.  9Electric provided the classic example of “setting the bar high” in the direct support slot position of a concert billing.


Link for the review on the Muen site:




Photos & Review: Sick Talk Tour
Featuring: Orgy, 9ELECTRIC, Death Valley High & Dr. Death & Mr. Vile
The Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO. 3/25/15

Photos and Review by: Shannon Shumaker

The first night of any tour is bound to have a few problems as the bands finish smoothing over any kinks in their performances and get ready for weeks on the road. You can’t necessarily expect a band’s performance or an entire tour to be flawless right off the bat, but the first date of Orgy’s Sick Talk Tour in Denver definitely had its ups and downs.

When the night began early for a four band show with Denver locals, Dr. Death & Mr. Vile, I had high hopes for the night. The band was just taking the stage as I entered the venue, and when I found my way to the crowd, I was impressed. On top of a great live sound (especially for an opening act) Dr. Death & Mr. Vile had an awesome stage presence, especially considering the fact that they didn’t have much room to move around the already small stage with the touring bands’ gear backlined behind them. Though fans were still trickling in the door and the room was nowhere near filled, Dr. Death & Mr. Vile put on a great performance, starting the night off right.

Following the openers was the first touring band of the night, Death Valley High. I had heard a little bit about the group before the show, but not enough to be familiar with them, however it seemed that much of the crowd was excited for Death Valley High’s performance. Again, the band didn’t have much room to move around the stage, but that didn’t stop them from trying, much to the crowds enjoyment.

After Death Valley High was the band that I was most excited to see: 9ELECTRIC. After hearing quite a bit about the band’s energy and live presence before the show, I was definitely excited to see what they would bring to The Marquis. Needless to say, 9ELECTRIC was easily to most energetic band of the night. Each member took their turn leaping off of the kick drum, climbing into the crowd, or high fiving and fist bumping fans in the audience throughout their performance, which left the crowd (even those who weren’t familiar with 9ELECTRIC) excited about the band’s performance. It did seem that the band was having a couple of technical difficulties in the beginning of their set, but they didn’t let that slow them down or stop them. 9ELECTRIC kept chugging along track after track, even as the stage tech’s worked on fixing whatever was wrong.

The gap between 9ELECTRIC and Orgy, however, was the hiccup in the show that was hard not to notice. Signs behind the bar and on the stage indicated that Orgy was supposed to take the stage at 10pm, but with 9ELECTRIC’s performance finishing up a couple of minutes late, it wouldn’t have been surprising if the band took the stage five or even ten minutes late. The minutes ticked by, however, and it was another forty minutes before Orgy took the stage, much to the obvious frustration of some fans in the crowd. They seemed to forgive the band when the lights dimmed and they took the stage, however, and at first it was obvious why. On top of a stellar light show (something that I’ve never seen at a venue as small as The Marquis) Orgy sounded pretty spot on in the beginning of their set. To many fans, this seemed to make up for the large gap between bands, but throughout Orgy’s set, it seemed that there was another little kink in their performance.

Not being very familiar with Orgy’s live show (it was my first time catching the band) I wasn’t quite sure if it was just part of their performance, but it left me a little uneasy watching vocalist Jay Gordon smack some of his bandmates around the stage a few times – literally. On top of hitting their guitarist over the back of the head a few times, Gordon affectionately called him names to the crowd, which (again) could have just been part of their performance, but it left me feeling a little uncomfortable and unsure if I wanted to stick around for the band’s entire performance. The uncomfortable feeling came again when Gordon repeatedly yelled at the sound guy to turn the band’s backing loops up. While there were many fans in the audience that seemed pleased with the band’s performance (which again, sound-wise they were great) there were other fans who obviously left the show feeling sour. Any first date of a tour is bound to have some hiccups, but in the case of the Sick Talk Tour, some of those problems left some fans feeling uncomfortable or upset, hoping that the same problems won’t arise when the bands return to Colorado Springs for another show in April.


Link for the review on The Prelude Press site: